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Belmont House,
Bayswater Farm Road,
Headington, Oxford, OX3 8BX

0871 250 0021
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“Due to the continuing increase in our customer base we have augmented our support team, ensuring that there will always be a friendly/knowledgeable voice on the line to help with your software issues, questions and or general enquires.”

Are you using the latest version of our software?
“Rent version 18 now on general release to all customers, it is available for download and self install, the support team is always on hand if required.”

Easy Version 15 - Shop Version 7 - Auction Version 7 - Offices Version 10

Need some more guidance?
“Training opportunities covering all our software products are available for all users at their own premises or, if preferred, take a day out to come and train with us in our Oxford Offices.”

Is there something specific you would like the software to do?
Focus believes in its customers and continually strives to develop its software from ideas and suggestions which it gains from extensive time spent listening to their needs and concerns. Our products are used by our customers and therefore the contributions are crucial. Our customers drive software development which is both universal and at the same time can be customised to the individuals requirements.

Want to know more?
“Focus’s sales team, is available at any time for demos, and enquiries. General information can be found on our website. Or they will happily visit you at your work location.”

The support team are always on hand to listen and to advise.

Our development team continues to listen to our customers and staff, expanding the range and capabilities of our products and after carrying out extensive testing issued to the customer in an uncomplicated manner. Many of our customer ideas have been included in the latest software versions.

Our software is developed exclusively in-house by our own team of programmer. It's both easy and friendly to use, and just in case you need the support,we have a support team, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are just waiting to help.

Our Office systems allow us to communicate with customers in a variety of ways - via phone, fax, email and remote computer access, web site or if you prefer, face to face.

Rent V18 - the complete rent package.

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