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Software for UK Property Management
Software for UK Property Management Products
Software for UK Property Management

Here at Focus Micro Systems we specialise in software for UK property management. Our range of systems include; Rent, Easy, Office, Auction & Shop. These 5 products are designed to help make life easier for people or companies involved in the property management industry in the UK.

Our "RENT" software for UK property management is primarily designed to keep a wealth of information on landlords, properties, tenants and files in a format that is user friendly making it extremely easy to use and integrate into your daily routine. The system will allow you to enter financial postings and the software will then process all the information and provide you with details on the resulting figures and balances. With this information at hand you are ready to produce statements for landlords, invoices, transaction listings and much more.

The "EASY" software for UK property management is designed for residential estate agents so they can keep detailed information on properties and applicants with the primary goal of matching potential buyers with suitable properties. When properties and potential buyers are matched the software creates all the appropriate documentation.

Our "OFFICE" software is designed for commercial estate agents so they can keep detailed information relating to properties and applicants, with the goal of matching properties and applicants and then providing you with the tools needed to manage the associated information in the most effective manner.

The "AUCTION"software we have available is designed to help people manage the admin side of various types of property auctions. The software provides all appropriate documentation including invoices, statements and sales sheets.

Finally we have "SHOP". This system is designed for business transfer agents and keeps a detailed record of properties and applicants with a view to achieving matches of the properties and applicants as well as managing all information associated with the business transfer. Again as with all our software all necessary sales and progress details are stored for easy viewing.

Fuller details on our software for UK property management can be found by navigating the easy to find links on all the pages within our site.

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