Where it All Began

Focus was born in the garage of the now Chairman Duncan Samuel and Financial Director Kathy Samuel way back in 1981. Since then, it has developed significantly to a client base of 6,200 users. Whilst all the other companies involved in the property software market come and go with alarming regularity, Focus is one of the few companies in the sector able to claim such longevity.

Having started in the humble surrounding of a garage, Focus moved on to a suite of small offices in an Oxfordshire village. This move saw the gentle development of the company and its small team, and this arrangement served us well for a couple of years whilst we looked for our own freehold premises.

Having located Sherlock house with its ample parking and pleasant garden just off the edge of the Oxford Ring Road, the decision was taken to move location which we did in mid-1985. The move served us well until 2006 when we simply couldn’t pack any more people or equipment in.

2006 saw the purchase of our current office, with rooms for each department in the company, meetings rooms, and more than enough space for everyone. Duncan’s son – Callum Samuel – took over management of the company in 2019 and has been the Managing Director since.

Meet The Team

Over the 40 years we have had many colleagues come and go, but we would like to introduce you to our current team that has helped pull together our 40th anniversary, under the pressure of a deadline every member of staff helped, from the development and testing of our Version 40 software update, to the organizing and packing of merchandise boxes for every single one of our client’s sites.

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