Up and Coming Letting Agencies Legislation Changes

Here at Focus we know how important it is to be aware of the legislation changes that are taking place for Letting Agencies.  We have looked at some areas of legislation which we thought you would find interesting to read about. #Changes #Legislation #Agencies #2017 #Lettings #Future #Important #News  #FocusMicroSystem.

Here you can keep up to date with the up and coming changes which will affect Letting Agencies. Below you will see some of the key areas of legislation under the Housing and Planning Act which will allow local authorities to monitor activities of Letting Agents and Rogue Landlords. This act covers the following 4 areas:

Housing and Planning Act 2016-2017

Electrical safety requirements

There will be regulations in place for PAT testing and electrical safety checks of portable appliances. It is not certain when this will take place or which tenancies this would apply to but there would penalties for non compliances.

Client Money Protection

All letting agents will need to comply with CMP. A date for this has not been confirmed as yet but it will protect both Landlords and Tenants.

Rent Repayment

If a landlord is convicted of not having a compulsory licence for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) under the Housing Act 2004, they could be ordered to pay the tenant or local authority up to 12 months’ rent. The application is made to the FTT (first tier tribunal) by the tenant or the local authority similar to the above system of an HMO. Examples of when an order may be made are:

  • Failing to comply with an improvement or prohibition order
  • Unlawful eviction or harassment of a tenant
  • Not complying with the banning order

Banning order

Another area of legislation to look at would be to do with the Energy Efficiency Standards.

If a landlord or property agent is subject to a banning order they could be prevented from letting or managing a property indefinitely, with a minimum ban lasting 12 months. If the ban is breached it could lead to Landlords or property agents to be imprisoned up to 51 weeks or penalties up to £30,000. This is expected to come in to force in April 2017.