As a property manager, you know how frustrating it is when you get a call from a tenant saying that the boiler’s broken down, or there’s a leak, when you’re unavoidably out of the office for a few hours. Unless you’re able to make a note – which, if you’re walking down the street or driving, is unlikely – there’s the worry that you’ll forget some details before you get back to the office in a couple of hours.


So what do you do? Ring someone else in the office and worry about whether they’ll remember to do it too? Not always easy, especially if it’s out of hours! Stand in the street or stop the car and get on to the engineer, plumber or relevant service provider right then and there, probably causing you to be late to your next appointment? And possibly losing you money!


Don’t worry. We have the solution.


Remote access … instantly


Our Rent lettings software is a security enhanced Cloud based system, which means that you have instant access to all your clients, tenants and service providers right there in your hand, thanks to our app that you can only download from us at Focus Micro Systems. It even includes reference points for each individual property, so you can check to see where the stopcock is from your mobile phone … whether you’re in Europe, Australia, or wherever you are.


One of the many benefits of our Cloud based software solutions is that with just one click, you can instantly alert an engineer to a problem. He or she is automatically texted with the details of your tenant or client, and can be in touch with them within minutes. Job done!


Benefits of our Cloud systems include:


  • Remote access – as long as there is at least a 3G signal, you can access your system instantly from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Details of clients, tenants, service providers, and specific property reference points such as gas meters, stopcock etc., right there at your fingertips
  • Ability to report and deal with issues from wherever you are
  • Enhanced security – especially important with GDPR on the horizon


To enhance your data security even more, we recently included Microsoft Azure into our Cloud systems. And as it is trusted by 90% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, this should provide you with the peace of mind that your information is really safe and secure.


To book a live demonstration, get in touch or give us a ring on 0871 250 0021 and ask to speak to Duncan Samuel or Callum Samuel today.


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