If you’re choosing your property management system for your estate business we’re sure you’re full of questions. So we’ve collected together some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn’t covered below then give us a ring or send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about property management software for letting agents, estate agents, commercial agents and business transfer agents.

What is Property Management Software?

Property Management Software is built with property managers in mind.  There are hundreds of property management systems available built with specific agency models in mind.  In general Property Management Software systems are built to help agents to improve their office administration, increase their efficiency and therefore improve the quality of customer service and raise the level of profitability.

Why should you choose Focus Micro Systems to manage your information?

Well, there are several kinds of property management agency, and because of this Focus Micro Systems have created and developed a range of software systems in order to ensure that our systems will cover all models of agency.   We’ve also got well over 30 years’ experience in the market, so we’ve tried everything and we know what works.

Can I try before I buy?

We’d love to offer you a live demo of one of our property management systems  We offer the following property software programmes depending on the property agency you run:

Rent Software, for lettings agents
Easy Software, for estate agents
Office Software, for commercial estate agents
Shop Software, for business transfer agents

Book a live demo now to see the features of our software in action.

Microsoft Word 2013 Compatibility Update

If you are running Microsoft Word 2013. There is a setting which needs to be set within Microsoft Word it’s self. You can set this by doing the following but Please call your IT department or our self to confirm this.
Go to FILE, click Options, un-check: “Open e-mail attachments and other un-editable files in reading view”