The solution for your business during the Lockdown and thereafter.

At Focus Micro Systems we understand that as the Coronavirus compels companies to embrace remote working it makes the daily life in the property segment very difficult. Whether your business is residential or commercial, it has been essential to meet your clientele in person, as you do need to deal with:

  • Inspections
  • Viewings
  • Contractors
  • Property maintenance
  • Exchanging invoices, statements and agreements
  • Managing general enquiries

As the UK brings strict curbs on life to fight the Coronavirus in UK, announced by the PM on 23/03/2020, all the above tasks might seem impossible.

Focus Micro Systems offers you the perfect solution to be able to manage your clientele efficiently and productively during the Coronavirus Lockdown, and thereafter.

We already have the resolution for remote contact with your Clients, it is available for you immediately and is called FCP Client.

FCP Client allows your Clients to have access to all the features below without meeting you in person, or indeed chasing you and your staff at home by phone or email:

  • All your Customers (Landlords, Tenants, Contractors) to securely see information about their accounts with you (e.g. balance, transactions), from any device such as desktop PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone or any tablet and mobile device and network
  • To overview diary entries that you publish to them
  • Your Landlords to see and download statements
  • Your Tenants to see and download invoices/statements
  • Your Contractors to manage their work orders
  • All your Clients to contact you instantly within the FCP Client platform
  • Your tenants to report and issue with attaching a photo via mobile or internet browser and raise a job with you within RENT.

For more information about FCP Client please download the FCP Client Leaflet by clicking here.

Telephone: 08712 500021