What is TextAnywhere?

TextAnywhere is a UK organisation which was originally set up in 2003 and currently have over 16,000 UK business accounts utilising their services, including single person businesses, academic establishments, health sector organisations and FTSE 100 companies.

TextAnywhere is part of the Commify family. Commify is the team behind a portfolio of business messaging brands, serving over 45,000 businesses, sending 3 billion messages a year and approaching €100m annual revenue.

How does Focus Micro Systems make use of TextAnywhere?

TextAnywhere specialise in high quality, trusted text message business solutions. This is their sole business function. So therefore here at Focus Micro Systems, we decided that TextAnywhere would be the product to integrate with our software; this is because we want to provide to our customers a constant and reliable solution for the ability of sending out SMS messages, from within the Windows Rent SQL software itself.

What does this mean for you (our clients) ?

TextAnywhere enables you to send text messages to your records (such as Landlords, Tenants and Tradesmen) directly from within the Windows Rent SQL software. We understand that the use of text messaging within the business environment is hugely beneficial; we also understand that people do not usually like to sign up for facilities they have not used before.

Therefore, with this facility we offer a FREE trial which includes 100 FREE SMS messages and absolutely no commitment there after. Within this process no credit card is involved and you can simply top up credits on the TextAnywhere website once you are happy with the service it has provided for you, and only if you require this service further.

If you would like to find out more about our TextAnywhere SMS facility please call a member of the support team on 0871 250 0021 or email Support@focus-property.co.uk.