Welcome to Rent Version 29

New Features

Residential Inspections

Take a look at our new Residential Info Tab within the Property file in Rent. We have updated this to fit the requirements for all inspections due in residential properties, such as Legionnaires, Carbon monoxide and the selective licencing scheme, all mentioned in the V28 Newsletter. Some of the new functions include:

  • For legionnaire checks it will tell you how long the Property has been empty.
  • You can attach documents to the inspections such as written notes about the inspection, or attach the licence for your Landlords.
  • Never forget an inspection again! We have it to the To Do Today list which you see each time you log in.
  • Brand new Mail Merge documents, all written and waiting for you to use.

Automatic Sheet/Batch number

The sheet/batch number is an excellent feature to:

  • Keep up to date with all payments paid into the BANK with
  • Automatic Sheet/Batch Numbering
  • Restrict when the number changes.
  • New payment summary report

Landlord Tax Report Export

  • Great News, we have now saved you time when doing your tax return each year! As you can now run the HMRC tax report for your Home Landlords, Abroad Landlords or All Landlords.

Viewing diary entries in archive files

  • Ever wanted to see a dairy entry in an archived file without having to unarchive them?
    We have now released the Edit button so you can look back and see all old statements, invoices or diary notes that were entered onto that record.

RPI Index

  • We have added the facility to record RPI index figures

Adding Multiple Break options

  • You can now add multiple break option for the Tenant and Landlord

Search Screen

  • We have updated the search facility within Rent, now when you enter any file from the main screen of rent it will direct you into the search screen instead of going to the first file.

You can now see the payment method of a transaction on the View Transaction screen

  • Each time you enter a tenant payment and you select a payment method it will now show you the payment method on the transaction screen.

We have added the Description on the Key List when adding a job

  • When you now raise a job for a tradesman and you allocate a key to that job you will now see the location as well as the key number.

When picking a Tradesman after adding a job with No Tradesman you can now email the New Tradesman

  • Haven’t decided which tradesman will be carrying out a job? If you select no tradesman when raising a job, and you then decide who will be carrying out the work, if you change the tradesman it will now prompt to create a letter to the tradesman to be sent out.

When filtering in the mail merge by Property Type you can now email the landlords

  • You can now send an email to the landlord through the property mail merge when you select to filter by property type.

You can now filter the job Outstanding Report by Office code (if you have Office Codes on)

  • If you have office codes switched on, you can now filter for jobs per company code within the jobs outstanding report.

                  imgresNew Video Tutorials – Please click on the links below

Adding a Tenant – This video with show you how to add a new tenant on the system
Batch Tenant Invoices – This video will take you through the steps for producing your tenant invoices
Adding a Nominal – How to add a new nominal on the rent system
Adding a Opening Balance – How to add your opening balances when you start using the accounts side of Rent
Batch tradesman Payments – This video will show you how pay your entire tradesman in a batch
Single tradesman Payments – How to pay your tradesman one by one
How to Return Overpaid Rent – This video will take you through how to return a rent payment if the tenant has overpaid
Entering Credit Notes – How to enter a credit note onto the tenant file
Enter Tradesman Invoice – How to enter tradesman invoices
Calculate Management fees – This will show you how to calculate your management fees on rent collected.
Transactions on Hold/unhold – How to put payments on hold and unhold
Admin charges – How to raise admin charges
Residential Information Tab – This will take you through the new residential info tab.
Automatic Sheet Batch Number – How to use the automatic sheet batch number feature within Rent

Bug fixes

  • When you’re trying to produce your Landlord statements you may receive an error. This is caused by one of the descriptions being too large, if this happens from now on Rent will warn you and will needs amending. (The total amount of characters you can have is 255).
  • When adding your re-occurring diary entries in the calendar it wasn’t always there when you went back in, we have now rectified this and all re-occurred entries will save in the dairy.
  • We have now addressed the issue when setting the location of Rent, where it used to go behind the splash screen.
  • When running the non-housing benefit arrears report it was combining the non-housing benefit and housing benefit into one report giving the incorrect totals.  This has been fixed and will now give you the correct arrears for each tenant.
  • When running Mail Merge and filter by tenancy type the list was not refreshing. this has been fixed

Other Focus News  

We would like to say a big thank you to Emma Kerin our Office Manager for her dedication to Focus. We are sorry to see her go, read what see said about her time at focus here