What’s your name?
Josh Matthews

What is your job role?
1st Line Support/IT Infrastructure

When did you join Focus?

What are the 3 main roles you are involved in at Focus Micro Systems
• I work on answering software-related enquiries/assisting our new apprentices on supporting our clients.
• I manage and design our advertisement and social media accounts across multiple platforms.
• I review the companies’ internal and external infrastructure to see what improvements we can apply and what expenses we can reduce.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
I enjoy going out at the weekends with my mates, using Adobe Illustrator on my iPad to create designs, and going out with my girlfriend.

What do you like the most about working at Focus Micro Systems?
I enjoy everything I do at Focus, especially how everyone in the office gets on so well. But my favourite part about working at Focus has always been the amount of exposure you get to different areas of the business and the opportunities you are given to develop in any area which you choose.

What’s your background?
I have always lived in Oxfordshire. I used to work with my uncle making a variety of furniture out of locally reclaimed timber and we sold these at markets in Chesham, Marlow, Henley and a few other places. After I finished my GCSE’s in 2019, I applied for one apprenticeship which happened to be with Focus Micro Systems to then complete this in December 2020.

What’s your favourite film?
My favourite film would be anything with Denzel Washington as the main character. But if I had to choose then either Man on Fire or The Little Things.

How do you start your day?
I start my day with a coffee, then I talk with my dad about whatever is going on in the world.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Focus Micro Systems?
How easy it is to get on with everyone.