What’s your name?
Iustin Adam (Pronounced Yus-tin) but I am more commonly known as Justin.

What is your job role?
Developer / 3rd Line Support

When did you join Focus?

What are the 3 main roles you are involved in at Focus Micro Systems?
• At Focus Micro Systems I spend most of my working day carrying out software development related tasks. This includes the process of working with the team towards designing fixes/improvements that contribute towards simplifying our user’s day to day processes. This is only ever achieved by listening to our clients’ requirements and ensuring I care.
• In addition, I am also part of the “Time Up Team” here at Focus Micro Systems; this means I deal with individual client requests such as invoice template changes, report changes and other items that require the “Time Up Team”.
• On top of the above and many more items, I also help the Support team with complex queries & problems they come up against; I ensure our FTPs are always up to date and religiously back up our website to ensure client case studies are always retained. As you can see, I certainly keep myself busy at work & with the Focus team and would like to mention that it is the biggest pleasure to work with the staff here at Focus Micro Systems.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
During my personal out of work hours, I like to be very active and sometimes even consider being sociable. I personally always like to start my day with an omelette & a coffee as this sets me up without fail. In regard to my personal activities, I do approximately 8 hours of weight training a week, 2 Martial Arts Muay Thai training sessions & a Sunday football session that includes friends I used to study with during Secondary School. On top of this, as mentioned, I try to socialise further by playing chess & card games at least twice a week.
Oh, lets not forget the scheduled Saturday Burger King trip.

What do you like the most about working at Focus Micro Systems?
I like how everyone is very close with one another which allows us to easily direct the correct work-related items to the relevant individual, and also makes the working environment a much more comfortable place than a larger cooperation.

What’s your background?
I grew up in Romania until the age of 8 where I moved to the UK and started school. This led me down the path of primary school, secondary school, college, and my trainee internship at Microsoft. I then came to Focus Micro Systems to do my development apprenticeship.

What’s your favourite film?
Although I am quite active during & out of office hours, I do have a chance to kick back and watch some Netflix during my Sunday afternoon! I am currently enjoying a series called “Suits” and would like to mention that one of the best movies ever created is “Shutter Island”.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Focus Micro Systems?
One thing which never ceases to surprise me is the continuous improvements to internal processes which makes mine and the clients life easier.