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Built with Business Transfer Agencies in mind, our Property Management Software streamlines your time and promotes profitability. Book a live demo to see our software in action for yourself, or talk to one of our agents.

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What benefits our clients are gaining from utilising Shop

  • Enables you and your agents to quickly match businesses and applicants
  • Significantly reduces time spent on administration
  • Reduces costs and releases staff for more important tasks
  • Facilitates a faster customer response rate through immediate information access
  • Improves time-management thanks to powerful reporting facilities.

Business Transfer agencies who use our SHOP system enjoy our user-friendly interface which allows them to keep detailed information on Properties and Applicants and to match them and manage the associated information as efficiently as possible, giving them more time to spend on the tasks that count.

A glimpse of some key features Shop offers your Business Transfer Agency.

  • Business transfer software
  • Matching businesses and applicants, seamlessly, intuitively and automatically.
  • E-mailing sales particulars to matched applicants, exclusive well matched pre composed emails delivered directly to your clients inbox. No more tedious individual email composition.
  • Uploading businesses to online portals such as Daltons
    Mail merge facility to write letters to vendors/applicants, with one click functions.
  • Search engine to find records quickly, make contact with clients efficient and natural
  • Pop up diary reminders, your staff will always know what’s next.
  • Production of sales invoices and statements that take charge of your accounts.
  • Easily track progress of the sales of business via a built in diary, knowing what is happening and when is paramount.
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“I would have no hesitation in recommending the package for all pro-active Property Management Teams”

Sarah Beesley -The Letting Line, Enfield