Take your office to the next level with our Tailored Training services.

Completely Tailored

Our training sessions are entirely tailored to suit your requirements, one of our experienced trainers will review your system before the session to see exactly what you would benefit from therefore assisting you to improve your internal processes within our software.

Online or On-Site!

We are very flexible with how you can receive your training, whether you would rather have an online training session, we can have a member of the team come to your office and train you face-to-face, and you are more than welcome to come to visit our welcoming home office in Oxford for training.

What kind of business are you?


• Find how to post charges quickly and efficiently using our range of batch features to save you time.
• Learn about Deposits and how to process them so that you never lose track of where these monies are held.
• Learn more about Statements and Invoices using our extensive range of templates designs and how to utilise our range of customizable features.
• Track your income and fees easily with our easy-to-use ledgers and end of year routines to make the process quick and easy.
• Process Tenant payments efficiently with our range of batch features including our powerful online banking facility.
• Process Inspections by tracking which are due to be completed and use the system to find historically inspections and certificates which can be directly attached within our software.
• Produce Advert Lists and Sales Particulars to directly upload to all marketing websites including the largest advertisement platforms such as:
      • RightMove
      • Zoopla
      • OnTheMarket
      • Boomin
• Match applicants directly with your listed Properties using our advanced matching criteria to find them suitable Properties.
• Use our ToDoToday facility which shows you an overview of your system to track charges, jobs, to chase Tenants in arrears and produce letters unique to each person.
• Learn about our range of communication methods such as email and text to easily contact anyone from Tenants to Tradesmen.

Block Management

• Learn how to set up and manage Service Charge Budgets allowing you to automatically calculate how much a Tenant is to be charged based on apportionments input into the software.
• Breakdown your Service Charge income and expenses with our categories showing you in-depth analysis of the budget for your Properties.
• Produce reports showing you all information on Properties allowing you to present data professionally to anyone in your field. You can utilise our wide range of reports including:
      • Budget Report
      • Expenditure Analysis
      • Income Analysis
      • Certificate of income and expenditure
• Generate Service Charge Demands tailored to your business needs utilising our wide range of customisability including the ability to have Tenant’s Rights and Obligations included.
• Learn how to process and record Service Charge Invoices across each Service Charge year allowing you to track how much has been spent against the budget set.
• Find the most efficient ways of dealing with end of year accounting.


• Process VAT transactions and break them down making the production of VAT returns hassle free.
• Record Rent Reviews on any property or business and break these down via our ToDoToday screen.
• Record the start and end of your lessees which RENT will make you aware of at a time convenient to you so that you never miss a review. You can then use our software to produces your lease documents at a click of a button.
• Track accurately the sizes and cost per zones of your Properties allowing the software to calculate the value of your Property for you.

Owner Accounting

• Set up your system to work for you whether you are a Letting Agent or own your Properties.
• Track profit and loss with our range of Nominal reports.
• Record Assets against your Liabilities to produce balance sheets taking information from your system and presenting it with an easy-to-read report.
• Export your incomes and expenses directly to accounting software such as Xero or Sage 50/200.
• Easily run and produce VAT returns for all types of accounting which can be submitted directly to HMRC through our Making Tax Digital solution.

If you are still not sure if training is right for you, why not click here and call today to get the discussion started?