Do you like to send copies of your tradesman invoices along with your landlord statements each month?  Many of our users do, and the Rent software can help you do this automatically.

No more copying, scanning, drag and drop, attaching them to statements; simply speak to our support team about our Tradesman Invoice Feature (TI) in Rent and we can show you a fast easy way to automatically attach copies of tradesman invoices, to each and every landlord statement which could save you hours each month.

When we recently showed one of our long standing clients this feature, their comment when we asked if they would like it added to their system was “It’s a bit of a no-brainer really.” – Yet another happy customer.

The next time you get to that point in the month, when the statement run comes along, give the support team at focus a call and ask them to show you how you can get more from rent by using the TI (Tradesman Invoice) auto attachment feature.

Please contact Focus Micro Systems on 01865 766241 or alternatively email if you would like a quote.