Welcome to Rent Version 31.0

We have always been developing our software for our customer’s needs and requirements. We are proud to say that in this new version we have implemented 47 new features and have resolved more than 60 issues. Please see below some of the modifications and bug fixes in Rent Version 31.0.

New Features

Batch Emails

You are now able to send out batch emails from mail merge without having to select a document to merge.

Excel Viewer

We now have an Excel Viewer for opening Excel files on the Cloud system. This means when you run certain reports or attach Excel files to a record in the Rent System you can now open them for viewing only on the server whereas you previously couldn’t.

Sage Export

You are now able to export more data from the Rent system into Sage! All you need to do is make sure all your Sage Codes, Nominals and Departments match in both Sage and the Rent System. It also now picks up non-nominal transactions and has a sage nominal and department code facility (for Tradesmen Invoices). Lastly the Sage export routine now shows a report at the end.

View Deleted Transactions Feature

We have also introduced a new feature on ALL files, which allows you to view deleted transactions for the current record.

SMS Messaging

SMS messages now have the option of showing a sender name on the text message. Also additional options for TextAnywhere have been added (unicode and defer).

Focus MSG Viewer

We have now added a piece of software to our Cloud system which allows you to open files with a .msg extension. This means if you have saved emails from Outlook on your local PC and attached them to a diary entry in the software you will now be able to view the file.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge now uses Word’s own PDF creation if using Office 2007 or above (and also any other areas that use word and save PDF). This means much faster running of mail merge. Within Mail Merge you are now able to double-click on an item and it will go to the relevant record.  It also records any errors and shows them on a report at the end of the process. Lastly we have added more mail merge codes!

Bug Fixes

  • Cheques paid out report shows “Tradesman” where it should be the “Landlord”.
  • When deleting tax retentions the system was not being updated.
  • Unallocated feature caused rounding errors.
  • Batch ground rent demands did not consider ground rent dues on hold.
  • When calculating tenant apportionments, it looked at archived tenants apportionment % values.

New and Updated Manual sections

We have updated our Manual with more than 10 sections making it more complete and efficient.

Further information

If you would like to find out more regarding new features within our software and bug fixes, please refer to the update letter. Please also note that the support team is always available for a chat, so don’t be afraid to call !