Focus Micro Systems would like to introduce to you V32.0

New & Upgraded Features for this version


Brand new Reports feature

Here at Focus Micro Systems we understand how important it is to be able to report back to your clients and managers quickly and efficiently, without having to search for the correct report for ages. This is why our developers have been hard at work to produce a BRAND NEW reports feature within our software to help you achieve that! You no longer have to spend your time looking through reports to see if they match the criteria you are looking for. Now with one search you can find exactly what you are after. We have listed below the main features for the new Report screen within the software.

  • ‘Global Search’ function, including predictive search to allow you to easily find any report, all you need to do is type in a simple word and all reports relating to this will be shown.
  • A colour coding system to help you refer to what area of the software this report is based on, for example Landlord File is colour coded in yellow.
  • ‘Report Category’ section where you can filter reports in a certain file in seconds.
  • ‘Favourites’ category features so you can create your own list of reports you use more frequently to save time.
  • ‘Report Options’ feature which defines what the report will show you, before you run it.
  • ‘Preview’ function which allows you to view the report before running it to ensure it is the correct one.


We hope you find the new Reports section user friendly and helpful.


New Xero Export Feature

We have developed the software further, so not only are you able to export transactional data to Sage, you are now able to export transactional data from the Rent system into Xero too! This will help our clients manage their time more effectively as the Rent system will do more work for you. Please check out our new manual section ‘Xero Export’ for more information.


Universal Credit

Within the Rent system you are now able to set which tenants are funded by Universal Credit. This new feature will allow you to record on the tenant level payments made by the government on a monthly basis which contribute to the outstanding rent a tenant has to pay. Please check out our new manual section ‘Housing Benefit and Universal Credit’ for further information.


Updated Landlord Tax Report

As we are always trying to comply with new regulations that are released, we have updated our Landlord Tax Report so it now uses XLSX format instead of CSV. This will make it easier for our clients, as you are now able to upload the file straight to HMRC with out having to edit/change the report.



Additional functions within the software


Focus Client Portal

The Focus Client Portal (FCP) has been developed to provide your clients with a web portal to log in to and see information about their relationship with you, our customer. This means your Landlords, Tenants and Tradesman are able to log in and see their current account balance, access historical Invoices and Statements and even be able to view and raise Jobs directly.


Tradesman Invoice Feature

You now have the ability to attach copies of Tradesman Invoices to Tradesman Expenses. This will automatically save the invoices into the diary. They can then be emailed to the Landlord, along with their statement, in one simple process.

If you have any interest in these items please contact us on 08712 500021 of email


Bug Fixes

In this update we have also addressed a number of bug fixes which have been reported to us, a few of these are:

  • The last reconciled balance being incorrect which occurred if more than one user was reconciling at the same time on the Bank Reconciliation screen.
  • Double clicking a Tenant to Tradesman “EXP” and amending the outstanding amount didn’t change the outstanding amount when user clicked OK.
  • When running a Mail Merge process Rent no longer takes over the screen so while the process is running it’s now possible to use other applications.
  • On some occasions the unallocated balance would be set to a figure which would contain 3 or more decimal places (due to a rounding issue) the onscreen unallocated label would display £0 in these situations. This has been fixed.
  • In very specific situations, the “brought forward balance” on the “Certificate of Income and Expenditure” report would include transactions which were actually relevant to the year reported on, and not previous years.
  • The “Bank Balance” report used to not take into account “Rsc” transactions.
  • Sending SMS messages through the Mail Merge feature would not work if attempting to send to multiple numbers from an individual record.
  • When processing batch tradesman payments (using the outstanding function) the invoice numbers the payments related to did not reset, therefore the second tradesman in the list would also have the previous tradesman’s invoice number in the “Notes” section in the diary as well as his own.
  • Clicking an entry on the Chasing Diary used to give a run-time error if the tradesman linked to the entry was actually an archived tradesman.
  • When using the tradesman job file and emailing the job to the tradesman, the email body would not pull through the carriage returns, therefore the email itself would all be on one line.
  • The routine of paying off more than one fee/expense would sometimes (in specific situations) not split the Gross and VAT amount correctly.
  • Users will now not be able to make use of the calendar while in edit mode on any record within the system.


New and updated Manual sections

We have added sections to the manual including:

  • A brand new reports feature
  • Xero Export
  • Council Tax Bands
  • Property and Applicant matching
  • Installing the system onto a mobile/tablet device
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Steps to assist you with a Trial Balance which is showing an imbalance.
  • Housing Benefit and Universal Credit

Furthermore, the Rent software has many features which can be switched on from the background settings of our software. We have updated the manual to indicate which of those features are switchable with the following text: “Please note: this is a switchable feature and is not turned on by default. We would ask you to contact a member of the support team on 087125 00021 or email so we can discuss this further with you.”

As a team we hope that you find the items within this update helpful and will not hesitate to give us a call on 087125 00021 or email if you have any questions regarding any of the above.