Brand new centralised VAT Return screen

Within this update we have decided to centralise all of the VAT Returns to one brand new VAT Return screen we have just freshly designed which is HMRC MTD compliant.

This means that whether you are looking to do a VAT Return for the whole business, landlord or just a property, you will be automatically taken to the new centralized screen which is where you will need to specify the relevant criteria before you can actually run the necessary VAT Return.

The Centralised VAT Return screen includes:

  • Ability to submit the VAT Return directly to HMRC
  • Clear step by step instructions
  • Preview option
  • Business VAT Return
  • Landlord VAT Return
  • Property VAT Return
  • VAT Return configured on an accrual basis
  • VAT Return configured on a cash basis

Furthermore, as this new VAT Return screen also has the ability of being able to submit the VAT Return directly to HMRC, the Windows Rent SQL software is indeed HMRC Making Tax Digital Compliant.

In order to allow the direct submission of the VAT Return to HMRC, the software will communicate with a brand new web portal we have designed just for this – “FCP Agent”.

FCP Agent Features:

  • HMRC Making Tax Digital compliant
  • Accessible from any web browser
  • Username and password lockdown
  • Informative regarding previous and current obligations, liabilities and payments

If you would like to find out more about the HMRC MTD VAT Return feature please click here

If you have any questions about this update please email or alternatively please call us on 0871 250 0021

Thank You.

Focus Micro Systems