New & Upgraded Features for this version

Re-designed To Do Today List

Here at Focus Micro Systems we understand how important it is to be able to view your tasks each day without having to filter through your colleagues work. This is why our developers have been working hard to produce a re-designed and improved To Do Today List with filters that will help make your day run more efficiently. You no longer have to spend time trying to work out which jobs are for your colleagues and which ones are for you. Now with one specific search criteria you can find out exactly which jobs you need to carry out. We have listed below the filters you are now able to use on the To Do Today screen, for yourself, within the Software.

  • New filter to show how many days in advance you would like to report on.
  • New Company Code filter.
  • New Negotiator filter.
  • New Property Type filter.
  • New Management Type filter.
  • New Tenancy Type filter.

As you know you are able to double click the outstanding item on the To Do Today List and it will take you to the relevant record.

Please be aware that if filtering for “Outstanding Jobs”and there is no Tradesman assigned to the job, it will take you to the relevant property linked.

You will also notice the New screen colour and the New Company Name heading at the top of the screen (this is useful if you have a multi company setup enabled).

We had also been made aware by many customers that they would like to be able to view on the To Do Today List screen exactly which Tradesman invoices have been unpaid, as well as the deposits which are currently listed as held within the system; this is why we have added a view function for the “Tradesman Unpaid Invoices” under the “Jobs” section, and for “Deposits Currently Held” within its own “Deposits” Section.

Over 500 Mail Merge Codes

Focus Micro Systems now offers over 500 Mail Merge codes for you to use when producing your Mail Merge documents to send to your clients. You will also notice the New colour of the Mail Merge screen, chosen to enhance the quality of your viewing experience.

New Directors tab on the Property File

Did you know that our software offers extensive features for block management and service charges? We have just expanded our options to help you further, by incorporating into the Property File the ability to record the Freeholder and Directors details for your block.

Upgraded Nominal File

As you know our software is capable of assisting with proper 3 way Bank Reconciliations and has a smart feature for transferring your fees to the Office Account. The Nominal File has been extended with intuitive accessibility to the Bank Reconciliation and Transfer Fees routines.

The Nominal File now displays the nominal balance and the Un-reconciled and Reconciled balances, if it is a bank nominal. It also allows easy access to the Bank Reconciliation feature with the New Bank Reconciliation button on the Details tab.

The Nominal File now also offers easy access to the Transfer Fees to Office Account feature, if it is a Fee account, with the New Transfer Fees to Office Account button on the Details tab.

Job File

Also, it is now possible to search for any information contained on the Job tab of the Property File and Tradesman File. We have also added a Property postcode option for SMS when sending out work orders to your Tradesman.

Further improved Job File functions:

  • When adding or editing a job, the e-mail screen now shows more detailed information about the job in a new form.
  • When sending out a work order, we have updated the prompt, which appears, to contain a more informative message.
  • Also when adding a new job and clicking OK, the Cancel button now takes you back to the job details instead of closing the screen completely.

Upgraded Focus Client Portal

FCP Client is a portal that Focus Micro Systems have developed to provide your customers with a web portal to log into. We can tailor this log on page to show your company logo FREE of charge.

This means that your Landlords, Tenants, and Tradesmen are able to log in and:

  • View their current account balance
  • View/download historical Invoices/Statements as well as view Transactional data
  • View Jobs and raise new ones directly from the portal.
  • View attachments, including photos and documents
  • Send you, the Agent, a message 24/7
  • Access all of the above and more, from any mobile, tablet or PC – as long as an internet connection is available.

Within this update we have now added a Photo attachment facility on the Job File for FCP Client Customers.

Making Tax Digital with Focus Micro Systems

We have a brand new FCP Agent Making Tax Digital Product for VAT Return submission.

This new feature Focus has developed will provide you with the ability to submit your VAT Return directly to HMRC. The HMRC MTD VAT Return feature we developed makes use of the Focus Rent software as well as a brand new web portal we developed just for this functionality.

The new web portal we developed will be accessible from anywhere (as long as you have a web browser) to provide maximum flexibility for our customers. Not only will you be able to access this brand new portal from anywhere, you will also have the ability to provide your accountant with a link to the VAT return. They can then double check the figures to ensure the information is correct before actually carrying out the upload. This new feature also comes with updated Landlord and Property VAT Return Reports within the Windows Rent SQL software.

SMS Sending

C-Soft messaging feature has now been fully replaced with TextAnywhere.

TextAnywhere are a committed service to helping you and your business keep in direct contact with your clients. By signing up with TextAnywhere, this will enable you to send SMS text messages to your Landlords, Tenants and Tradesmen from the Rent software.

•NO COMMITMENT                •100 FREE TEXT MESSAGE                •NO CREDIT CARD

Bug Fixes

In this update we have also addressed a number of bug fixes which have been reported to us, a few of these are:

  • It is now not possible for the diary tab buttons to be enabled when in edit mode in Property File and Tradesman File. This also applied for the Job file tab buttons being enabled when it edit mode.
  • Tenant Payment function: When multiple payments are made through the single tenant payment screen, the amounts outstanding on the due transactions are amended correctly in all cases. Also, when these payment transactions are deleted the outstanding amounts are also adjusted correctly.
  • A tooltip has been added to the Tradesman Invoice Charge Code option in the Change Rent System Parameters which now provides a description of the feature for the user.
  • The Deposit Held by Date Range report now picks up transferred deposits to a scheme.
  • Adding a job on the Tradesman Job File, then going to another Tradesman through the Search screen and adding a new job no longer causes run-time error.
  • The software now shows a warning message when deleting transactions that have been exported to Sage or Xero.
  • Archived Tradesmen no longer show as un-archived on the Global Search.
  • The speed of the Print Jobs feature on the Property and Tradesman Job File has been increased significantly.
  • The Cheques Paid Out Report now takes into account negative Cheque figures.
  • The Mail Merge summery report no longer shows an error when selecting ‘No’ to save in diary.
  • The Reference Property dropdown now displays the properties correctly on the Applicant File Bank Reference tab.
  • The EPC rating Mail Merge code now picks up the correct property code when populating batch tenant list.
  • The Cheque/Standing Order field on the Batch Tenant Payments screen is now capable of displaying and recording 70 characters.
  • When e-mailing using the E-mail/SMS function on Landlord, Property and Tenant, the html code displays the e-mail disclaimer correctly.

New and updated Manual sections

We have added sections to the manual including:

  • Focus Client Portal
  • Tradesman Invoice Attachment Feature
  • TextAnywhere

These manual sections can be found under a new heading ‘Additional Features’ on the contents page.

We have also made updates to certain manual sections including:

  • To Do Today
  • Transfer Fees to Office Bank Account
  • Setting up a new Mail Merge Document
  • Running a Mail Merge
  • You will also see a change to how we have laid out our Mail Merge Codes section. There is now a separate section for each file on the system and colour coded the same as the rest of the manual to make it simple for you to find the code you are looking for. These sections are:
    • Mail Merge Codes for the Landlord File
    • Mail Merge Codes for the Property File
    • Mail Merge Codes for the Tenant File
    • Mail Merge Codes for the Applicant File
    • Mail Merge Codes for the Tradesman File
    • Mail Merge Codes for the Tradesman Job File

As a team we hope that you find the items within this update helpful and will not hesitate to give us a call on 01865 766 241 or email if you have any questions regarding any of the above.