Brand New & Upgraded Features for this Version

EPC, EICR and Gas Certificates on the Property File

Focus Micro Systems are aware of recent changes in legislation with regards to certain type of inspections and have now implemented new features within our software to help you to abide by them. From the Property File you are now able to attach Electrical Inspections Conditions Reports (EICR), Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Gas Certificates. You are also able to keep a record of the last EPC or EICR inspections and when the next one is due. You can also view the certificates all in one place at any time from the Inspections tab on the Property File.

Emailing from Property

Focus have streamlined the software by making it easier for you to connect with your clients including your Freeholders and Directors by implementing the ability to email from the Property File.

You can email documents including Lease Agreements, Tradesman Invoices and Budget reports. These can be in a range of formats including Word, PDF and Excel Spreadsheet.  

New HMO Licences tab on the Property File

You now have the ability to record House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Licences per Property. In Rent you can add all the details of your HMO Licences if you have a landlord that owns more than one property which requires the Licence.

iCalendar Service

We have provided additional features to assist with the managing and tracking of events by adding the ability to send iCalendar invites from the software. This will integrate with your email and calendar applications resulting in you saving time and being more efficient.  It allows you to send advance reminders to the recipient to ensure they do not miss the event.  The system will automatically save a copy of the email that is sent in the diary, recording the date, time and who sent the invite.

Tradesman Invoice Attachment

You now have extra flexibility when you attach your Tradesman Invoices. The Rent Software allows you to attach a copy of your Tradesman Invoice after you have posted the original invoice in the software. Once you attach your invoice you will be able to view it in the Diary or Transaction Viewer. The diary entry will show the date and time of when the invoice was attached and who attached it.

Job File Additional features

The Job File screens have been redesigned to increase functionality and to be more user friendly.

An Internal Notes box has been added to allow users to input further information for a job which they would like to keep separate from the original job description. This allows for greater control over the management of jobs within your business.

You now also have the additional option to email the job raised to the tradesman without a works order document from the job file screen which provides greater flexibility as to what information gets sent to your clients.

Mail Merge Additional Features

In addition to the Mail Merge facility already offered to you in the Rent system, there are now further settings that can be used to personalise the letters you send to your clients. These settings will allow your letters to look more professional and will save you a considerable amount of time designing and creating your letters. There is the ability to set a separate Header and a separate Footer, a Watermark and add your individual signature to a Mail Merge document all from the Mail Merge Screen.


Electronic signatures are a legal way to get consent of approval on electronic documents and forms. They deliver a way to sign documents in the online world and are designed to replace handwritten signatures. Today’s E-Sign technology ensures speed in online services as well as security and adaptability.

The Rent software is now set up with the latest electronic signature solution. It is possible to send out documents to your clients using the Mail Merge, Diary and To Do Today List facilities allowing them to be electronically signed. The signed copy of the documents can all be saved directly in your Rent software to be viewed at any time.

Other Features now Available

When carrying out a Mail Merge you now have the ability to select certain property filters which allow you to, select Landlords that you would like to email.

These property filters are:

  • Electrical Inspection Due
  • Electrical Wiring Inspection
  • EPC Due
  • Gas Inspection Due
  • Management Type
  • Property Type
  • Residential Inspections

Once one of these filters has been selected you will be able to view Landlord information in the Data Preview List.

HMRC Tax Export Report

We have been in communication with HMRC to update our ROPL spreadsheet with the latest regulations. The process of a Landlord HMRC Tax Export is seamless within the Rent software. The software will carry out the export for you with one click of a button and you can then upload it instantly.

Go To Record

We have improved the go to record screen that appears when clicking “Go To Property” or “Go To Tenant”, if there is more than 1 available go to record. We have done this by enlarging it and changing the actual functionality of the screen itself. This screen now provides the ability for sorting of columns and filtering of records. This allows you to navigate effortlessly from one screen.

New and updated Manual sections

We have added sections to the manual including:

  • Mail Merge Additional Features
  • E-Sign
  • Emailing an iCalendar File

We have also made updates to certain manual sections including:

  • Property File
  • Inspections
  • Attachments
  • HMO Licencing
  • Landlord Rents
  • Posting Rents Due by Tenants
  • Post Dues from Landlords
  • Post Dues from Tenants
  • Nominal File
  • Tradesman Invoice Attachment Feature

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the editing of a nominal file when password levels are switched off.
  • Fixed the situation where a split landlords details could have been altered, if editing the Landlord record through a specific process.
  • Fixed the inconsistent screen size of the To Do Today List.
  • Fixed the intermittent problem some users were having when having both the diary reminder and the to do today screen open.
  • Altered the To Do Today list to work with both Service Charges & Ground Rents at tenant level switch.
  • The help menu on the To Do Today list will now open the whole Focus manual.
  • Diary entries can no longer be edited in archive mode.
  • The addition of the tradesman file has been reworked to ensure that duplications of tradesmen no longer occurs.
  • The Property and the Tradesman job file is now able to deal with a lot more data, without affecting its functionality.
  • Double clicking on the To Do Today List will now always take you to the relevant linked record.
  • The Fax field on the Landlords “Misc Address” & “Accountant Details” tabs is now no longer restricted to 7 characters.
  • The “Cheque Number” box will now only appear & save data when required, on the Batch Tenant Payment screen and the Single Tenant Payment Screen.
  • The Pay Tradesman screen is now able to deal with a lot more data, in a very fast & efficient way.
  • The wording on the HMRC Make Tax Digital VAT Return email is now correct and no longer contains spelling mistakes.
  • The Tenant search screen now makes use of a stored procedure for populating the tenant’s bank nominal.
  • The Landlord Tax Export Report will now export the file correctly upon reaching 100%.
  • A runtime error no longer occurs on the Tenant file if attempting to edit or delete a meter which does not exist.
  • The report descriptions from within the File Reporting System have been updated with more detailed information in regards to the reports themselves.
  • The “View Transactions with a Property Reference” feature now works correctly if attempting to use it when the landlord does not actually have any linked properties.
  • If a tradesman that is assigned to an “Other Charge” item is deleted, it will now not cause a runtime error.
  • The speed of the Profit and Loss & Balance sheet reports (when using Cost Centres) has now been improved.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the E-Sign Sender.
  • When paying off items by using existing Unallocated monies (while using the feature for separate bank accounts.
  • The Mail Merge screen has now been locked for its single usage function only (Cannot Mail Merge while carrying out other tasks within the Windows Rent SQL software).
  • The E-sign features have now been re-looked at to provide further flexibility and avoid user errors.

If you would like to find out more about any of our New Features, Bug Fixes or Manual Sections then please contact a member of the support on 08712500021 or email