Here at Focus Micro Systems we have now released an update of the Windows Rent SQL software, version 31.35

Please have a read of the following sections if you would like to find out more!



  • When filtering transactions by “Held” on a nominal.
  • When filtering transactions within a date range and changing the date of the transaction.
  • When deleting a transaction through the “Search” function on a Property file.
  • When deleting a transaction which debited and also credited a Nominal (with profit and loss features enabled)
  • Deleting a “Psc” transaction with a “VAT” side to it, or vice versa.
  • Holding and un-holding a “CHQ” transaction using the “Hold” button.
  • The “More Info” button on the transaction screen.
  • When deleting an expense with VAT from a property.


  • E-mailing a diary reminder out to another Windows Rent SQL user.
  • E-mailing 1 attachment from a tenant diary entry, then e-mailing multiple attachments from a Landlord file.
  • E-mailing (as a remote client) by double clicking an email address.
  • E-mailing a diary reminder with multiple attachments to another Windows Rent SQL user.
  • E-mailing multiple attachments from the diary.

Sage Export

  • The Sage Export function with owner accounting feature enabled.


  • The GDPR consent report for tradesman.
  • The Commission report with separate Management Fees.
  • The Residential Inspection report.
  • The Property Bank Balances report.
  • The HMRC Landlord Tax Export Report.
  • The Outstanding Diary Entries report.

Tradesman File and Job File related issues

Tradesman Invoices

  • Removing the paid status from an already paid expenditure.
  • Changing the invoice number on an unpaid expenditure.
  • Changing the “Trade Inv. Number” of a Service Charge expenditure.
  • Historical expenditure transactions that are not marked as paid on the property side.
  • When raising an invoice, and selecting the “Nominal” option.

Job File

  • Raising a new job and selecting “No Tenant”.

To Do Today List

  • Accessing the Mail Merge through the To Do Today List.
  • Insurance due on the To Do Today list.

Other Issues

  • The GDPR button.
  • The default printer when printing from within the software as a remote user.
  • The search filter on the Mail Merge screen.
  • Accessing the bank reconciliation screen by using the “Ctrl+Insert” shortcut.
  • Sending a message from within the software using TextAnywhere which included the “£” sign.
  • The “Old Matching” tab on the Applicant file.
  • The “Negotiator” field on the Applicant file.
  • The “Details” tab on the Applicant file.
  • The Fee Transfer routine.
  • The “Certificate of Income and Expenditure” report.
  • Accessing the manual from within the software.

We have also added 2 new mail merge codes to the software.

  1. Property File -> Inspections tab -> EPC Inspection Date= <P_EPCduedate>
  2. Property File -> Inspections tab -> EPC Rating = <P_EPCrating>


If you would like to find out more information regarding the above items that have been listed, please give us a call on 08712500021