With an almost hourly increase in problems caused by the current Coronavirus Pandemic, allow us a point of clarification relating to the usage of all Focus Micro Systems software products, away from your office.

All clients who have moved with us to the Cloud solution, are able to work from ANY location, network and device. Should you need additional logon icons on laptops, PCs in your home, iPads, iPhones (or any tablet and or Android devices) to continue working away from your office, please contact the Focus Support and we can assist in setting your machines up for you.

The very few Clients we now have operating the Focus products on their local PC’s can quickly be moved to our Cloud solution, to allow and indeed prepare for remote working should they wish.

As we are all in rather unknown territory at the moment, a little preplanning may just avoid unnecessary disruption with your business activities. We are here to help you to be productive, if you have to work from home.

For further information on the Government guidelines please click the link below:


Our Support Team will be here to help. Please call 08712 500021 or email support@focus-property.co.uk. Our line will be running as normal, we will be working remotely from home, if advised.

Yours Sincerely,

The Focus Team